• Razorpay

    Integrate Razorpay SDK with Express.js / Node.js

    In this blog post, we will explore the integration of Razorpay Payment Gateway and discuss its benefits and implementation.

  • Axios Interceptors – Pros and common use cases

    Making HTTP requests and handling responses in modern web development is a common task. Axios is a good js library, that simplifies the process by providing a clean API. Interceptors are one of the powerful features offered by Axios. In this blog post, we will explore the need for interceptors for adding JWT token in…

  • Understanding the Difference: GraphQL vs REST API – Implementation with Node.js

    This blog post will delve into the differences between GraphQL and REST API, providing insights and a Node.js implementation guide.

  • JWT Authentication in Node.js with Middleware: A Secure Approach for Web Applications

    In this tutorial we will demonstrate how JWT authentication can be implemented within Node.js applications using middleware.

  • Express.js Application

    Horizontally Scaling an Express.js Application

    It is critical that web applications can handle their expected load. As traffic to an application increase, horizontal scaling becomes even more essential to meet the load. In this journal, we will outline the steps involved in horizontally scaling an Express app.  Step 1: Identify Bottlenecks When horizontally scaling an Express application, the first step…

  • Docker container for NodeJS and MongoDB application

    Docker is very popular nowadays because of its containment behavior. In this post we will be showing how to create a Docker container for NodeJS and MongoDB

  • Improve the efficiency of your UX design workflow. 

    A typical design project begins with a product manager outlining functionalities as user stories in a product requirements document. By consuming PRD, the design team begins to comprehend the company’s business needs and the issues the product seeks to address for its intended users.  1 | Setting up the Questionnaire User interviews are a common…

  • Unit testing of REST APIs using MOCHA, Chai, and test coverage using NYC

    Introduction:  The first question that comes to our mind when we hear about unit testing is why developers should use unit testing. Now we will know more details about unit testing and build a prototype of unit testing for REST API using MOCHA, CHAI which is written in Typescript. Also, test coverage of the test…

  • Scheduling Emails in Node.js using node mailer and node-cron

    Task scheduling is used for scheduling jobs to run on a server. There may be situations where developers need to execute tasks regularly or at different intervals, which may be cumbersome. For instance, daily database backup, system maintenance, downloading files and sending work reports at regular intervals. Replacing these tremendous tasks and utilizing more server…