We build dedicated teams and software solutions that create an impact – for your business and the world. Use our tech expertise and business values to scale up and innovate.

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Web & Mobile Apps

When the primary goal is scaling through cloud, client acquisition becomes the simplest aspect.

Desktop Softwares

When requiring low-level optimizations, hardware support, and enhanced security measures.

Staff Augmentation

When you require additional skilled manpower at a fraction of the cost from our resource pool.

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The industries we’ve worked till now


We offer turnkey EdTech solutions, including end-to-end custom eLearning development as well as post-implementation support and enhancement.

Health & Medical

From ideation to production, we guarantee compliance with HIPAA and PHI security standards at every phase of custom software development.


Our experts leverage workload optimization techniques to develop a streaming software that is high-load, fault-tolerant and fast performing.

Digital Engineering

Software Suite

7+ global clients

10000+ RxDx generated

Products & Solutions

We have partnered with group of doctors and healthcare specialists to solve problems in the healthcare domain. Interoperability and security are at our core. Here’s an overview of what we have achieved so far.


Modules &Integrations


Reported ROI

The MVP was launched on Nov 2023 with initial set of features. We are rolling out updates on a monthly basis. Check with us, to know more.


We take client satisfaction seriously and prioritize client success. A happy, paying customer is equally beneficial for us. See what some have to say.

We operate globally, and one of the most critical aspects for us is interoperability with existing systems. Alias assisted us in integrating third-party APIs, allowing our staff to operate seamlessly within our custom portal, boosting productivity. Zweck has been providing us with cloud services and consulting support for an annual fee, and it has been a reliable partnership for the past 4 years.

Mohd. Shabeer

Director at ELL Worldwide Movers

Zweck took over the project from the previous team when everything was in a mess. They made some changes where needed, and within a month, the product was steady. Then, we kept on making more changes bit by bit. The code quality was good, and the rates were reasonable. But the best part was that they actually listen. Totally recommend them, for sure!

Vinod Benzigar

Nearbystay & NearObjects

Zweck came through on their promises. Despite a tight timeline, they allocated additional resources to ensure a successful product release at launch. Thanks to their robust solution, the product scaled up within a week.

Garret Galloway

CTO at Slaxn

FarrowTech was developed for automated supervision of farrowing sows, which notifies the farmer in case of birth complications and thus enables obstetric aid to be provided timely. The result is one extra surviving piglet per litter.We engaged consultants from Zweck to integrate the IoT devices, displaying and notifying real-time information.

Erik Hougaard


We’re managing multiple businesses across the Middle East, and Zweck has been a trusted partner for us. Their cloud solutions and tools have truly streamlined our operations.

Ms. Reem Samra

Founder of Laloge and Little Angels

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Anupama A

Customer Success Associate

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