Web Development Services

Let’s begin with some numbers


Years of Experience

Having extensive experience in various technologies and domains, we understand the tools required for each. We offer free consultations and have ready-to-use templates to build MVP’s for validating ideas before full-scale development.


Qualified Engineers

A growing team of skilled resources striving to create better solutions


Client Retention

Consistent satisfaction fosters loyalty, yielding our impressive retention rate


What we offer?

The following is a comprehensive list of our web services, providing a high-level overview. This representation focuses on the broader scope, intentionally omitting minor nuances for simplicity’s sake.

Portals and Dashboards

Single Page Applications (SPAs) offer dynamic, fluid experiences ideal for interactive web apps, real-time applications, and content-driven platforms like blogs. SPAs redefine user interaction, providing instant updates and smooth navigation without page redirects.

  • Lazy Loaded Modules and Optimistic Preloading
  • Robust Coding and Architecture with re-usable components and centralized store concepts
  • Security practices to prevent CSRF and XSS attacks
  • Internationalization (i18n) Support
  • Test Driven Development (TDD)
  • Frameworks: Angular, React, Vue and Svelte

Migrating to the AWS

We’ve helped businesses enhance their daily operations by implementing solutions that utilize various Web Services from Amazon (AWS). Our experts have extensive experience working following services, so they’re familiar with all the details, including their uses and limitations. They’re well-prepared to offer valuable suggestions.

  • Amazon S3: Secure and scalable object storage
  • Amazon EC2: Scalable and resizable compute capacity in the cloud
  • Amazon RDS: Managed relational database service
  • AWS Lambda: Serverless computing service
  • Amazon DynamoDB: Fully managed NoSQL database service
  • Amazon Cloud Watch: Real-time Monitoring and observability service
  • AWS Code Pipeline: Continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) service
  • Amazon Cloud Front: Content delivery network (CDN) for fast and secure delivery of content
  • AWS API Gateway: Managed API Gateway for building, deploying, and managing APIs
  • Amazon SNS: Managed pub/sub messaging service
  • Amazon SQS: Managed message queuing service
  • Amazon SQS: Managed message queuing service
  • Amazon Cloud Front: Content delivery network (CDN) for fast and secure delivery of content


RESTful API pattern aims to keep the back-end separate, providing improved scalability and allows for reuse across various platforms such as web, mobile, and embedded apps. Engage with us for a comprehensive consultation on how our RESTful API Development can improve your business process.

  • Efficient Data Exchange Formats: JSON and XML to ensure lightweight, efficient data exchange.
  • Stateless Server Design: Each request from a client contains all the information needed to process the request, promoting scalability
  • Secure Authentication Protocols: We implement OAuth2, JWT to safeguard data integrity and privacy.
  • Detailed Documentation: We provide detailed, clear, and easy-to-follow documentation for every API we develop. Swagger and Postman are common ones.
  • Versioning Strategy for Smooth Transitions : We implement a thoughtful versioning strategy to ensure backward compatibility and smooth transitions for API consumers.
  • Detailed Documentation: We provide detailed, clear, and easy-to-follow documentation for every API we develop. Swagger and Postman are common ones.

Production Server: Setup & Optimization

This is a one-time service with a typical cost ranging from $100 to $300. Our primary focus is on setting up your server and application for production use. Here’s a breakdown of what we do.

  • Environment Configuration: We handle setting up sensitive variables, API keys, and various configurations as secure as possible.
  • Implementing Security Best Practices: This includes setting up SSL certificates, configuring firewalls, and implementing measures to prevent DDoS attacks, ensuring your system’s security is robust.
  • Backup and Recovery Policies: Defining policies for regular backups and establishing recovery strategies to safeguard your data in case of unforeseen events or system failures.
  • Optimizing for Performance: Fine-tuning your system for optimal performance, including code optimization, caching mechanisms, and employing content delivery networks (CDNs) where applicable.
  • Load Balancing & Scaling Strategies : (Optional, based on traffic expectations) If your application anticipates heavy traffic, we provide strategies for load balancing to distribute incoming traffic across multiple instances and scaling to accommodate increased demands.

Legacy App Modernization

We modernize legacy applications to increase their efficiency, availability and incorporate them better into a modern enterprise IT strategy.

  • Re-hosting / Re-platforming: Moving a part or the entire application to the cloud/on premises with minor optimizations and upgrades for performance scaling and improved resilience.
  • Re-architecting / Re-engineering : Restructuring the application’s architecture and design to enhance scalability, flexibility, and integration capabilities, or to enable easier maintenance and smoother testing and deployment of future upgrades.

How we can collaborate?

We offer the best quality service at reasonable rates.


We take client satisfaction seriously and prioritize client success. A happy, paying customer is equally beneficial for us. See what some have to say.

We operate globally, and one of the most critical aspects for us is interoperability with existing systems. Alias assisted us in integrating third-party APIs, allowing our staff to operate seamlessly within our custom portal, boosting productivity. Zweck has been providing us with cloud services and consulting support for an annual fee, and it has been a reliable partnership for the past 4 years.

Mohd. Shabeer

Director at ELL Worldwide Movers

Zweck took over the project from the previous team when everything was in a mess. They made some changes where needed, and within a month, the product was steady. Then, we kept on making more changes bit by bit. The code quality was good, and the rates were reasonable. But the best part was that they actually listen. Totally recommend them, for sure!

Vinod Benzigar

Nearbystay & NearObjects

Sharan and Alias came through on their promises. Despite a tight timeline, they allocated additional resources to ensure a successful product release at launch. Thanks to their robust solution, the product scaled up within a week.

Garret Galloway

CTO at Slaxn

FarrowTech was developed for automated supervision of farrowing sows, which notifies the farmer in case of birth complications and thus enables obstetric aid to be provided timely. The result is one extra surviving piglet per litter.We engaged consultants from Zweck to integrate the IoT devices, displaying and notifying real-time information.

Erik Hougaard


We’re managing multiple businesses across the Middle East, and Zweck has been a trusted partner for us. Their cloud solutions and tools have truly streamlined our operations.

Ms. Reem Samra

Founder of Laloge and Little Angels

Here are some frequently asked questions

If your query is still unanswered, feel free to check with us.

What would be the cost to build my application?

Be prepared to invest at least $500. As the project’s complexity and manpower requirements increase, the cost will naturally rise. On average, a senior engineer costs $4,000 per month. If your project demands multiple resources, we can discuss adjusting the rates to ensure mutual benefit.

How is my Idea or IPR (Intellectual property rights) protected?

All projects are under an NDA protected by the court of law. In fact, projects only commence after all legal papers are signed. All our resources have signed agreements before joining us and undergo thorough training and monitoring to prevent any fraud, unintentional mishaps, or leaks.

Where does the source code reside, with you or with us?

The preferred approach depends on the client’s comfort level. While some clients prefer our team to work directly on their repositories and infrastructure, this presents a risk for us due to the unrestricted access granted. To mitigate this risk, we prefer utilizing an escrow service. Additionally, we require milestone funding in advance of each development phase, with the funds released upon successful completion and verification of deliverables. If it’s our repository, the team will start working on the project immediately. This can be done monthly or based on milestones. We will only release the finished code and other deliverables after you have paid the respective invoices.

Where can I see your portfolio or expertise?

While some projects remain confidential, we strive to showcase our developments. You’ll find case studies and journals on our website that provide insight. If you need further clarification, you may speak with our consultant.

How do we handle the timezone difference?

Most regions in the EU and APAC are closer to us, resulting in a timezone overlap. However, for those residing in the American continent, we are 12 hours apart, resulting in what we refer to as a “dead night shift” here. In such cases, we inform the resources collaborating with you to begin a bit later, allowing for a two-hour daily overlap. Our aim is to ensure a good work-life balance for everyone involved.

What provisions are there to mitigate a production emergency?

We have tools in place to actively monitor and report any surges; typically, they’re mitigated before reaching emergency levels. However, in the worst-case scenario of an emergency, we provide a hotline accessible round the clock to our clients. Given that most of our engineers work remotely, they can swiftly resolve any issues.

What if you fail to deliver what’s promised?

You’re always welcome to raise a dispute if expectations aren’t met. Our customer success executive will conduct a preliminary investigation and share the report with you. If the issue is on our end, you’ll receive a 100% refund if the invoices are settled. If the payment is in escrow, we’ll cancel it. Rest assured, your funds will not be lost in any scenario.

Could the team collaborate with us regularly to demonstrate to the stakeholders or end client?ver what’s promised?

Absolutely! We’re committed to delivering on our promises, pouring our all into each project. As a business, we understand the success of your project relies heavily on stakeholder buy-in. With that in mind, our team embraces an agile methodology, familiar with the sprint cycle and ceremonies. We typically hold client demos at the end of each sprint to ensure transparency and alignment.

What tools do you use for collaboration?

Apart from the development tools which depends on the stack, we commonly use Teams, JIRA, confluence, Office 365 and some others. While this is de facto some resources who work with other teams has reportedely used Slack, Google workspace and other tools. Concluding, we are open to use the tools if it makes life easier for both you and us.

How and where can I get started?

You can begin direct communication with our consultant. We recommend having a clearer picture of your expectations before the conversation, though it’s not mandatory. If you’re uncertain, we can offer expert advice. Schedule a call today!